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Ibland händer det oväntade saker som gör att man tappar riktningen lite. Så har det blivit med min nålbindning just nu. Saker händer i livet och nu har det hänt en ovanligt hemsk sak igen. Inte just med mig, men innan jul satt jag ändå med ett par halvfärdiga strumpor som plötsligt saknade mottagare.
Först fortsatte jag ändå, men sen började jag fundera på vad jag skulle göra med dem. Skulle de bli till någon annan istället? Isåfall i vilken storlek? Det gick långsammare och långsammare. Några stygn i veckan. Jag vet fortfarande inte, alltså händer det inte så mycket på hantverksfronten just nu. Bäst är nog att jag börjar om på ett nytt projekt, jag har ju några på kö. Kanske dags att ta tag i den röda klänningen igen?

Sometimes things happens in life that makes you loose direction a bit. This is what has happened with my needlebinding right now. Sometimes horrible things happens in life. This time not to me, but before christmas I still sat with a pair of half finished socks that no longer had a reciever.
At first I continued anyhow, maybe in chock, but after a while I started wondering about what to do with them. Should I give them to someone else? And if so, in wich size? Should I just put them aside? It went slower and slower, just a couple of stitches a week. I still don't know, so there's not much happening with my crafting. Perhaps it's best if I start something new, I got a few lining upp. Or should I start on my red dress again?


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I've been awarded!!!

I'm so proud, my friend Ida has honoured me with the Duchie Award for; listen to this; EXCELLENCE IN HISTORICAL COSTUMING AND BLOGGERY! That sounded all right, didn't it?! :)

This is her motivation:

Martina is one of my oldest friends in reenactment and also one of my first teachers in textile handcraft. She was the first person I met when I arrived at Bäckedal 2001 to study textile crafts. She was my classmate and neighbor. Martina must only have thought of me as a hopelessly restless and chocolate-stealing teenager back then, while I secretly admired her knowledge and skill about everything I wanted to know and learn. I was so proud and happy when she welcomed me to Carnis last spring! Today I discovered that she has been blogging since Battle Of Wisby, and I felt like a child on Christmas eve! I'm sure that any reader of my blog will enjoy hers, as much as I do.

Ida was one of many wonderful acquaintances that totally changed my life on Bäckedals Folkhögskola ten years ago. It's thank's to her, Ludvig, Lina, Hanna, Henke, Sonia, the teachers and all the others I am the one I am today. Perhaps even that I still am here! My favourite neighbours ever!

Now, when receiving the award you must post:
  • Five things you love about historical costuming

    1. The posibility to walk in someone elses shoes.To understand how people were thinking hundreds of years ago, by constructing, making and wearing their clothes.

    2.  The materials. Nothing beats working with the real thing whether it is silk or leather. 

    3.The people you meet. All my dear, crazy, interesting friends, what would I do without you?!

    4. The tricky, yet simple patterns. They never stop to amaze me!

    5. How everybody always looks better in historical clothes than in their ordinary outfits!
  •  List at least three blogs to pass the Duchie Award onto

    I hereby proudly pass the Duchie Award onto: 
    Ludvig has always been a great inspiration for me to reach further, to know more about a period. And he has always been a step ahead of me. Here he is blogging about shoes and leatherwork.
    Petra is blogging about being born centuries too late. I myself is very glad she is born into the same time as I am! It's always inspiring to read about her projects and thoughts.
    Madde blogs about her life as a young, ambitious reenactor/live roleplayer. I love her enthusiasm and fresh view, a very inspiring blog!